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September 30, 2012
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Zara - character sheet by Zara-Arletis Zara - character sheet by Zara-Arletis

General Info

Background: Zara’s parents died shortly after she was born, leaving her with Hissil. Whatever her elder brother’s intentions, he became a drunk and took out his anger on her tiny body. She ran away from home and found the orphanage. Her hard childhood taught her many lessons, but did not make her callous.
Her adolescence was spent as an Awakened in the temple of Lathander. They were long lonely years immersed in the lore of her religion. Those she trained with were mostly human, and they aged and died before her eyes. Zara earned the title of Dawnbringer shortly after the plague, at about the same time she reached adulthood.

Work: Cleric at the temple and occasional odd jobs in town.

Area: If she is not in Blacklake, she can often be found in the Nest or at the Docks.

Personality: Zara is a dreamer, living every day with her head in the clouds. Despite a hard childhood growing up an orphan in Beggars Nest, she has a kind heart and generous disposition. If asked, she would give away most of what she has and often does exactly that. Zara also heals without charging a fee, offering her services to the poor when she can.
Working in the temple exposed her to the city’s wealth as well, and she has spent some time visiting the nobles in Blacklake. While it would take little effort on her part to secure an expensive lifestyle, she has little interest in riches, although she does enjoy expensive treats from time to time. Being a cleric suits her, as it gives her a chance to meet and talk to people from all walks of life. The easy morality and beauty of the church fit her ideals, though she acts more on whim and from her heart than by any set of rules or laws.

3 traits: Kind, Shy, Naïve
Likes: Zara loves music, laughter, dancing and good wine. Her favorite color is purple. She loves sweets, and has a special fondness for berry tarts.
Dislikes: Her dislikes are few, but needless cruelty is always one and so is greed. Though she will eat them, she absolutely hates onions.

Deity: Lathander the god of dawn. Zara reveres all the gods in one way or another, but to Lathander she feels a special connection. He represents hope and a new beginning, things Zara values.
Alignment: Zara’s actions are motivated by her desire to do good, but good deeds can take many forms. While she never acts randomly, she is always guided by her inner light, even when it disagrees with laws or traditions.

Languages: Common and some elven

Sexuality: Hopeless Romantic

Appearance:Zara is sleight of build and short, even for an elf. She has blazing red hair that hangs past her mid back. It’s usually pulled into a braid unless she is bathing or getting comfortable. Her eyes are dark blue, flecked with silver and soft blue sparkles (common to moon elves). Zara’s skin is pale with a blue tinge.
She has a tattoo of vining roses on her right leg, and both ears are pierced.

Height - 4' 5" (130cm)
Weight - 80lbs (36kg)


Family: An older brother, Hissil. She avoids him when possible.
Her lover Darn, Zara adores him and has since childhood.
An adopted human daughter Glory, Zara could not help but love the sweet little girl though she knows it will hurt to watch her grow old and die.

Friends: she has several friends at the temple, the Nest, and a few she met through Darn at the Docks.

Enemies: none, though Dalila tries to be her rival.
Reputation 3
Bounty 0

Rp with Me!

Zara waves, “Hi!”
RP style: adventures, tragic tales, sweet stories, and comedy.
Time Zone: GMT -6
Medium: any really – IRC, comments, notes. (MSN and Skype for friends too)
Here for: stories, fun, friends
Chat: Typos happen to us all. Smile and nod :D


Level 13.5 Cleric


Strength – 2
Dexterity – 4
Constitution – 1
Charisma – 3
Intelligence – 4
Wisdom – 7

Hit Points - 20
Defense – 6 (7 with leather armor)
DR - 1 (light armor)
Attack Melee – 2 (3 with dagger)
Attack Ranged – 4 (5 with dagger)
Magic Attack - 9


0 - Light
0 - Cure Minor Wounds
0 - Searing Light
1 - Cure Light Wounds
2 - Cure Moderate Wounds
3 - Cure Serious Wounds
3 - Inflict Serious Wounds


Immunity to Sleep - immune to all sleep effects
Low Light Vision - can see in dim light

Weapon Proficency - Light and Medium
Shield Proficency
Armor Proficiency - Light, Medium, and Heavy

Strong Soul - +1 Intelligence and +1 Wisdom
Augment Healing - doubles the number of hit points healed
Battle Experience - +2 to Defense
Spell Penetration - +2 to Magic Attacks

2" bandage, 50 yd (about 50m)
Herbal Medication kit
water skin, holy water
STARTER Leather armor from Maco A simple bodice and leggings of supple leather in dark violet and soft greens, made to blend into shadow
STARTER Steel dagger from Darn A basic dagger, well made and easy to conceal
STARTER Holy Symbol A small wooden sun that can be worn on a chain or carried in a pocket
OTHER STARTER BASICS a backpack, bedroll, tinder and flint with firestarter, a waterskin, a torch and a ration pack.

Coin Pouch 29 gold
5 gold a month from Temple work
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