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When you apply:

  1. Read the rules and  character creation guide before you complete your character sheet.
  2. This is a text based game - you need a lot of imagination to play!
  3. We never judge applicants based on artistic ability, but you need to be able to draw at least a recognizably humanoid face for your character aka - no screenshots, character creators, or stick figures - we want your art even if it's not great
  4. You may only have one active character in NWM.  Think about your backstory and concept carefully before submitting.
  5. Absolutely no custom classes, skills, feats, abilties, spells, ect. We understand the need to create a unique character - that is accomplished through your roleplay, not stats.

Chat and Roleplay:

  1. Be respectful of others and do not flame or harass other members. Rudeness will not be tolerated. If there is a problem within the chatroom please screenshot (Print Screen) the content you find to be disrespectful and send the group a message with your concern, via note.
  2. No picking at other members' grammar/spelling, unless that member asks for correction. The Player or GM can ask for an explanation if some word doesn't make sense in context and considers understanding that part to be important.
  3. If you have an issue, please try to resolve it in a mature manner via note or private message. If you cannot, please contact an admin or moderator with your concern
  4. You get one warning, if the problem occurs again you'll be removed for the chatroom.
  5. The admins may hold a vote to ban a player from group for persistent offensive behavior.  If this happens, the player is notified by the group and their character information will be removed from the NWM page.
  6. Adult content roleplays and really heated discussions on this topic should be moved to a private chatroom or kept to private messages.
  7. No spamming.
  8. No god-modding allowed. Actions concerning the quest outcome are determined by rolls. You can only write actions for your character - allow other players to respond as they like.
  9. No OOC chatter during quests. Please save your notes or comments for the end of the game or turn them into RP text if you can. Any questions or information you have for the GM or other players should be kept to PM.  GM is the exception and may post warnings, alerts, or explanations to OOC
  10. Respect your Moderators and their decisions.
  11. Introductions should be done prior to the quest.  If you don't know the other Ocs, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to do introductions IC.
The rules for application and play in NWM. If you have any questions, please message an admin.
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