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Ia Racialabilities by Zara-Arletis Reputation

Your reputation describes how well you are known in the city and could open membership in certain factions.  This is tied to actions, not personality.  Not all quests gain Fame or Infamy (like OC quests). Each quest can be rewarded with one point to either fame or infamy though extreme actions can lead to an extra point for individual characters.

You begin with a 0 in Reputation - No One. Character quests or personal storyline roleplay do not provide Fame or Infamy

       Id Evil by Zara-Arletis                 Is Planebindgreat by Zara-Arletis
     Infamy                Fame
-30  Demonic           Angelic  +30
-25  Villain               Heroic  +25
-20  Feared              Loved  +20
-15  Despicable        Glorious  +15
-10  Vile                  Virtuous  +10
-5   Corrupt            Honorable  +5
            0  No one    

If you commit a serious crime like theft, rape, or murder it is possible to get a bounty put on your head from the city watch.  The fine is 50g. You might be able to strike a deal with the Watch to work off the debt

Religion and Alignment

The temples and gods popular in Neverwinter can be found in out Neverwinter Guide
You are not limited to just those from the city though.  Faerun has a large pantheon of gods and demigods.  You can choose any that appeal to you or none, including ones listed as dead.  The gods of Faerun are here if you would like to read more.  
Be sure to use the section marked The Pantheons of Faerun, circa 1374 DR   

If you are a cleric or a paladin, your choice of deity is very important.  You must be of a similar alignment to your god.  The limit is 'one step' from the alignment of the deity you choose.  Each deity at the link above is listed with their aligment and those of their worshippers.

EXAMPLE If you choose Helm, he is a God of Guardians.  His alignment is Lawful Neutral.          
This means you can be Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, or Lawful Evil.  A Cleric or Paladin with an alignment that is not one of those 3 and worships Helm would be unable to cast spells or use any of their class abilities until they changed their alignment through their actions.  

Some classes also have restricted alignments, so be sure to check that before choosing one.

Here are the Alignments
Align G by Zara-ArletisGood

   Align Lg by Zara-Arletis         Align Ng by Zara-Arletis           Align Cg by Zara-Arletis
Lawful Good   Neutral Good   Chaotic Good

Align N by Zara-ArletisNeutral

     Align Ln by Zara-Arletis          Align Nn by Zara-Arletis           Align Cn by Zara-Arletis
Lawful Neutral   True Neutral   Chaotic Neutral

Align E by Zara-Arletis Evil

  Align Le by Zara-Arletis       Align Ne by Zara-Arletis         Align Ce by Zara-Arletis
Lawful Evil   Neutral Evil   Chaotic Evil

You will decide your own alignment when you create your character.  You can change it through roleplay and questing.  The only time an Admin or GM would make a change is if you consistently choose options outside your alignment.  For example, if you play a Lawful Good Paladin, but through quests and roleplay, break laws and kill innocents, yet do not change your own alignment, a GM or Admin may request that you do.

If you aren't sure how this works, or have any questions, let an admin know.  We'll be happy to help you.

The last step in creating your character for :iconneverwintermyths:
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