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Your Class and Feats determine what type of equipment you can carry.  Each class has a starting equipment list - be sure to check it before beginning this step.  When you are selecting starting equipment note it on your character sheet.  Starter equipment always has a 0g value and cannot be traded or sold.

You can find additional non-combat equipment through Aurora's Whole Realm Catalogue

Armor - Light
Grants Defense +1 and Damage Reduction 1.  Repair Cost is 5 silver.  You must have the Light Armor Proficiency to wear Light Armor.    
It Al Padded03 by Zara-Arletis Padded    
Quilted layers of heavy cloth and batting    
Cost: 5g

It Al Leatherv04 by Zara-Arletis Leather
Stiffened leather plates joined by flexible leather pieces and buckles
Cost: 10g

It Al Studleathfire by Zara-Arletis Leather, studded
Same as leather, but with metal studs embedded in it.
Cost: 25g
It Al Chainshirtevil by Zara-Arletis Chain, shirt
A light, chainmail shirt that covers just the torso
Cost: 100g

Armor - Medium
Grants Defense +2 and Damage Reduction 2.  Repair Cost is 1g. When Medium Armor is equipped, you may add half your Dexterity to your Defense.  Some tasks like sneaking may be more difficult with Medium Armor equipped.  You must have the Medium Armor Proficiency to wear Medium Armor.

It Am Hidev02 by Zara-Arletis Hide
Made from multiple layers of heavy, stiff leather and hide.
Cost: 15g

It Am Scalemailice by Zara-Arletis Scalemail
A coat and leggings of leather covered in overlapping pieces of metal, like fish scales.
Cost: 50g

It Am Breastplate05 by Zara-Arletis Breastplate
Breastplate covers your torso, front and back, with leather underneath and greaves for the legs.
Cost: 150g

It Am Chainevil by Zara-Arletis Chainmail
Interlocking metal rings worn over a quilted fabric and layered over vital areas.
Cost: 200g

Armor - Heavy
Grants Defense +5 and Damage Reduction 5.  The Repair Cost is 2g.  When Heavy Armor is equipped, you cannot use Dexterity to add to your Defense.  Sneaking is impossible in Heavy Armor.  It may also make other tasks more difficult.  You must have the Heavy Armor Proficiency to wear Heavy Armor.

It Ah Splintmail01 by Zara-Arletis Splintmail
Made of narrow, vertical strips of metal that have been riveted to a backing of leather, often worn with heavy padding underneath, and felxible chainmail across the joints.
Cost: 200g

It Ah Bandedmail03 by Zara-Arletis Banded Mail
Overlapping strips of metal sewn to leather and chainmail
Cost: 250g

It Ah Halfplate05 by Zara-Arletis Half-plate
A combination of chain and fitted metal plates for vulnerable areas
Cost: 600g

It Ah Fullplate01 by Zara-Arletis Full plate
Shaped and fitted metal plates that have been riveted together, worn over heavy padding
Cost: 1500g

Repair Cost 1g  You must have the Shield Proficiency to use a shield.  Tower Shield has a separate Proficiency feat.

It As Protector by Zara-Arletis Buckler
A small metal or wood shield strapped to the forearm.  Allows use of a second weapon or two handed attacks
Defense +1         Cost: 15g

It As Lightv03 by Zara-Arletis Light, wood or steel
Strapped to your forearm and gripped in your hand, it is too heavy for wielding two weapons, though you can carry items in that hand.  You can only use medium and light weapons when this shield is equipped.
Defense +2         Cost: 3g

It As Largeironwood by Zara-Arletis Heavy, wood or steel
Strapped to your forearm and gripped in your off hand, these are too heavy to wield a second weapon or do a two handed attack.  Your off hand can only carry shield.  Only Medium and Light Weapons can be equppied with this shield.
Defense +3         Cost: 7-20g

It As Tower02 by Zara-Arletis Tower
A massive shield nearly as tall as the wielder, it can also be used as cover, though you cannot attack the same turn you take cover behind it.  Your off hand can only carry shield.  Only Medium and Light Weapons can be equppied with this shield
Defense +3         Cost: 30g

Weapons - Light
Light Weapons grant a +1 Attack and can be wielded in one hand easily.  With the right feats, you can use two light weapons at once.  You must have the Light Weapon Proficiency to use Light Weapons.  Repair Cost is 5 silver.

It Wa Battleaxev06 by Zara-Arletis Axe, hand
A small, one handed axe for combat, not weighted for throwing
Cost: 6g

It Wb Daggerice by Zara-Arletis Dagger
A small, easy to conceal blade
Cost: 2g

It Qi Gauntletironfist by Zara-Arletis Gauntlet, spiked 
An armored, spiked glove worn to do more damage when punching
Cost: 5g

It We Kamav03 by Zara-Arletis Kama
A small , curved blade that can also be used to trip opponents
Cost: 2g

It We Kukriv03 by Zara-Arletis Kukri
A one handed, heavy knife, sharp edge on the inside of the curved blade
Cost: 8g

It Wb Rapiermagic by Zara-Arletis Rapier
A light, small sword used to slash and pierce
Cost: 10g

It Wb Sswordv02 by Zara-Arletis Shortsword
A small, light sword that is bigger than a dagger
Cost: 10g

It We Sickleice by Zara-Arletis Sickle
A farming implement refitted for combat
Cost: 6g

It Wr Sling01 by Zara-Arletis Sling
A sling . . .
Cost: 0g

Weapons - Medium
Medium Weapons grant a +2 Attack and can be wielded in one hand or two.  It is not possible two use two at once, though with the right feats they can be paired with a light weapon.  You must have the Medium Weapon Proficiency to use Medium Weapons.  Repair Cost is 1g.

It Wa Battleaxedream by Zara-Arletis Battleaxe
A large, single bladed axe, weighted for melee combat.
Cost: 10g

It Wu Club04 by Zara-Arletis Club
Can be made of almost any large, blunt object.
Cost: 0g

It Wr Lxbowv02 by Zara-Arletis Crossbow
Can be shot, but not loaded one handed, and takes a turn to load.
Cost: 50g

It Wu Hflailice by Zara-Arletis Flail
Flails are bludgeoning weapons. These weapons have one (or more) weights attached to a handle with a hinge or chain. Most often they consist of a wooden shaft connected to a metal head by a short length of chain.
Cost: 8g

It Wu Whammer00 by Zara-Arletis Hammer
A hammer balanced for combat.
Cost: 1g

It Wb Lswordv05 by Zara-Arletis Longsword
A one handed sword favored by knights and paladins
Cost: 15g

It Wu Maceice by Zara-Arletis Mace
A steel rod with a weighted and sometimes spiked end
Cost: 5-12g

It Wu Mstar03 by Zara-Arletis Morningstar
A club with a rounded, spiked end
Cost: 8g

It Wd Qstaff00 by Zara-Arletis Quarterstaff
As simple as a large stick to a metal banded, carved staff.  Can be carried in one hand but needs two hands to attack
Cost: 15g

It Wb Scimitarice by Zara-Arletis Scimitar
A curved blade that can be wielded one-handed
Cost: 30g

It Wr Shortbow05 by Zara-Arletis Shortbow
Can be nocked with one hand but requires two to shoot
Cost: 1-5g

It Wp Spear00 by Zara-Arletis Spear
Can be used one or two handed, or thrown
Cost: 35g

It Wb Bswordv03 by Zara-Arletis Sword, bastard
A sword almost too big to wield one handed.
Cost: 30g

Weapons - Heavy
Heavy Weapons grant a +3 Attack and must be wielded in two hands.  It is not possible two use two at once, or to equip them with any shield other than a buckler.  You must have the Heavy Weapon Proficiency to use Heavy Weapons.  The Repair Cost is 2g.

It Wb Falchion901 by Zara-Arletis Falchion
A two handed scimitar with a large curved blade
Cost: 8g

It Wa Greataxe02 by Zara-Arletis Greataxe
A two handed battleaxe
Cost: 50g

It Wb Gsword03 by Zara-Arletis Greatsword
A large two handed sword
CosT: 9g

It Wp Halberd05 by Zara-Arletis Halberd
A staff with a slashing blade on one end and a weighted spike on the other
Cost: 20g

It Wr Longbowv04 by Zara-Arletis Longbow
A large bow that requires two hands to shoot and load.
Cost: 0g

It Wp Scythefire by Zara-Arletis Scythe
A farming tool refitted for combat
Cost: 10g

It Se Hammermarish by Zara-Arletis Warhammer
A large, one handed hammer with a weighted spike oppiste the flat end
Cost: 12g

Weapons - Ammo

It Wo Arrow02 by Zara-Arletis Arrows (any bow)
20 to a pack, arrows
Cost: 1g

It Wo Bolt01 by Zara-Arletis Crossbow bolts
10 to a pack, crossbow bolts
Cost: 1g

It Wo Dart00 by Zara-Arletis Dart
2 to a pack, essentially an arrow with a weighted head
Cost: 1g

It Wt Shuriken02 by Zara-Arletis Shuriken
5 to a pack, come in a variety of styles and are used as small, thrown weapons
Cost: 1g

It Wo Bullet02 by Zara-Arletis Sling bullets
10 to a pouch, heavy metal balls used for slings - cause more damage and are more accurate than stones
Cost: 1s

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This is the 5th step in creating your character for :iconneverwintermyths:
LunarHonch Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist
Are there weapons you cant use, like in normale DnD where a Cleric can only use blunt weapons?
Zara-Arletis Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
We made it a bit simpler, just Light, Medium and Heavy weapons. You can use any weapon in any category given to you by your class. If you want to be more lore specific, you can limit yourself based on background, race, or deity but it's not required by the rules.
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