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You have 6 Stats.  Your Stats represent how good you naturally are at something.  They are listed here:  

  • Is Bullsstrength by Zara-Arletis Strength - A physical stat that determines how good you are at melee attacks and how much damage you do with those attacks
  • Is Catsgrace by Zara-Arletis Dexterity - A physical stat that determines how good you are at ranged attacks and how much damage you do with those attacks.  It also adds to your Defense bonus and can help you avoid damage in some situations.
  • Is Bearsendurance by Zara-Arletis Constitution - A physical stat that determines your hit points.  This is how tough you are to kill.  It also determines your ability to withstand poison and certain spells.
  • Is Eaglessplendor by Zara-Arletis Charisma - A physical and mental stat denoting your appeal and charm.  Charisma does relate to how physically attractive you are but more importantly, how well you use your natural abilities to persuade and charm those around you.
  • Is Foxscunning by Zara-Arletis Intelligence - A mental stat that determines how smart you are.
  • Is Owlswisdom by Zara-Arletis Wisdom - A mental stat that denotes how wise your character is.  It determines the power of Cleric and Mage spells and the maximum spell level they can cast.

These all start at 1.
You have 10 points to put into these however you like. You will have an additional point to spend in your Stats every 4 levels.  
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This is the 3rd step in creating your character for :iconneverwintermyths:
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